Accountability of Adult Student

Topics: Goal, College, Higher education Pages: 3 (872 words) Published: January 15, 2012
Juggling between office work and school homework, struggling to find some study time between a newborn baby and a bed-ridden parent, it is a constant battle for any working adult to pursue education. How can one not only survive in this multi-tasking realm but thrive and be successful? It heavily depends on how to convey the personal accountability into education. Especially for multi-tasking adult students, personal accountability translates to college success by promoting a good discipline and teamwork. This paper examines what it means to be accountable, how accountability is relate to college success and how to practice accountability in daily education.

Responsible adult must be accountable to others, with tasks, and within self. Everyone is a part of certain groups in life and therefore asked to be accountable to others one way or the other. From the often neglected little matter as keeping on time to much more significant things as being responsible for team assignment, one is indeed called responsible by showing accountability to others. Personal accountability of each individual is vital in successful adult education in more teamwork-oriented class environment (Carlson & Glasser, 2010). One also ought to be accountable for any given tasks. When the company, school or family expects one to complete the responsible tasks, often times the tasks must be successfully completed. Whether it is school team assignment or work project, one is a vital part in a big picture and cannot afford to lead everyone to failure. Small tasks like changing a light bulb at home or major duties like leading a team presentation equally reflects how accountable one is. Finally, as a responsible adult, one has to be accountable within self. By accomplishing the life goals step-by-step, one not only gains confidence but also build accountability within self. The ‘I will do it’ mentality leads to discipline and ultimately to accountability. Using personal accountability for...

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