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The research topic is based upon the impact of the abiotic factors on community properties in the aquatic ecosystems of bith La Vega and Caroni Swamp. The abiotic factors to be included ate salinity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, phosphates, nitrates, pH, and temperature. Aqautic abiotic factors have become a prudent issue in these ecosystems affecting the abundance and distribution of species as well as feeding relationships as seen in food webs and food chains. In order to try to solve this problem, coordinated activities were to be carried out within both investigative areas linked to observation and collection of primary data. This was done by conducting various experiments on site, thus giving practical field work evidence. Also, secondary data was used in order to validate and compare with primary data found. This secondaru data was derived from other reports and research done by other individuals.

According to the Trinidad and Tobago Newsday, in an article written by Ceola Belix, on Tuesday may 29th 2007, the Caroni Swamp is the largest area of mangrove in Trinidad and Tobago at approximately 40 square miles. The article states that the swamp, like any other wildlife habitat, is a sensitive ecosystem whose stability can be affected by even small changes in climate and senseless human interference. Litters of Styrofoam, coolers, plastic bottles and paper bags can be seen along the banks of the canal of the number nine channel. Water in the swamp area is brackish in nature that is of a higher salinity level than fresh water, but not as salty as sea water. At this time salinity levels are higher than usual. Mangroves are able to acquire the fresh water from the swamp but some fauna cannot cope with the lack of fresh water easily such as the spectacled caiman which retreats farther inland as salinity levels rise. The UN Millennium Ecosystem Assessment(2005) sought to investigate the abiotic water quality factors...
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