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The hospitality industry is one that is primarily focused on customer satisfaction. For the most part, it is built on leisure or is luxury-based, as opposed to meeting basic needs. Hotels and resorts, cruise lines, airlines and other various forms of travel, tourism, special event planning, and restaurants all generally fall under the realm of the hospitality industry.

This service-based industry thrives on the leisure activities of patrons. Some of the business that the hospitality industry garners is transient and intermittent, but collectively, it accounts for a large source of its revenue. For example, a vacationing family may fly from one country to another, book a hotel room for the duration of their visit, dine at local restaurants, and tour theme parks or other area attractions. All of these activities involve the services provided by various areas of the hospitality industry.

Exceptional service is usually very important for all of these businesses. Customer satisfaction usually leads to consumer loyalty, which helps to ensure the success of a company in the hospitality industry. For example, if an individual chooses a particular airline and has a positive experience, he or she is likely to use it again in the future. Alternatively, if the flight is unpleasant, the airline attendants are rude, or the customer is otherwise displeased with the service, he or she is less likely to return to that airline the next time the opportunity arises.

The scope of the hospitality Industry comprises of a range of businesses that provide services and facilities such as accommodation, food and beverage, entertainment. The term “hospitality” has become accepted over the years as a generic word, which describes the well being of services and facilities related to tourists and travelers.

The accommodation sector represents a vital part of the hospitality industry since the provision of accommodation, food and beverage is essential for anyone...
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