Absolute Monarchy 10 Social Studies - Essay

Topics: Space exploration, Royal Navy, Space Shuttle Pages: 9 (3326 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Brett Mulligan

Space Command

Year 4096:
"I remember when I was just about your age all I ever wanted to do was go to space,” Said the old man sitting in his rocking chair.
"Well did you go to space grandpa,” the little boy said who was just about to turn five years old.
“Yes I did Timmy, I went to the deepest reaches of space explored places no one has ever even heard of, I even captained my very own ship for twenty-five years", he leaned back in his chair to get more comfortable, "I hope that when you turn eight-teen you enroll into space command, you know when I was just about your age I had a field trip to space command that's what changed my life forever.” 70 years earlier:

"James get up you’re going to be late for school the transport bus comes in twenty minutes", said a very irritated mother, she had told her son to get up out of bed and get ready for school three times prior to this”, If you don’t get up right now you’re not going to go on the school field trip to space command.” Within three minutes the young man came running down the stairs with his automatic tooth cleaner still in his mouth.

"I forgot gall abouf da deild drip,” said the boy with the cleaner still in his mouth.
"Take that thing out of your mouth and speak like a normal child,” his mother said getting more irritated with her son. James takes the tooth cleaner out of his mouth and spits in the sink.
"Sorry mom, I've just been waiting for this field trip for three months I can't wait to see all the starships and crew that were going to meet.”
"Well if you don't get your things together you're going to miss the bus and you’re not going to be." Before she can say anything else the boy was running down the road to meet the bus, she just sighs with relief, cracks a slight smile and goes to her room to get ready for work.

At school all Jim can think about is the field trip and in no time at all, all the children are on the bus to go to Space command. When they finally arrived at space command all the kids ran out in a craze, but Jim was the last one on the bus and just stared at the immense building that is the head-quarters of space command. In the distance he could see a space shuttle flying over a field, from what when had read about space command Jim could only guess that they were trying to train a new pilot, it then became very evident because the pilot was very shaky with the controls. After looking around and admiring the building, Jim realized that that half the class had already made it into the building. Jim ran after them and, just after he got into the building he stopped and just looked around, there were about thirteen different space ships hanging from the ceiling from imperial class all the way to galaxy.

When Jim finally made his way to the group the instructor was just talking about different classes of ships and the trading the crew needs to go through before they can even set foot on a ship, Jim already knew all of this so he wandered off once again. This time he was looking at these models of all the different planets that the command had discovered. Suddenly he felt an arm on his shoulder and turned to see a man standing there.

“What’s your name fella,” the man asked.
"Jim, Jim Karol,” Jim knew he had seen this man before but he could not remember where.
"Aren’t you supposed to be with your group,” The man asked , Jim wasn't paying attention all he could think was that he had seen this man before but he could not put his finger on it. “I said aren’t you supposed to be with your group.”

“Huh? Oh yes sir I just knew everything that the instructor was telling us and I wanted to look around for myself, I guess I shouldn't have.”
“You said you knew everything that the instructor was saying," the man asked
“Yes sir,” Jim still couldn't figure out who the man was.
“Well I'll ask your teacher if it’s okay if I can show you something,” then it hit him this was the chairman of star...
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