Abortion Persuasive Essay

Topics: Fertility, Pregnancy, Abortion Pages: 2 (674 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Steve Glansburg
English 123-33
Professor Orszulak
October 18th, 2010

“To abort or to not abort; That is the question”

Abortion is one of the most debated topics in the United States today. Many people form their opinions on their already religious beliefs and morals. Right now in the United States, it is legal everywhere to perform an abortion. Abortion can be done at many different stages of the pregnancy and most people’s opinion on abortion differs with their thoughts of when during the pregnancy should it be ok to abort.

I believe that abortion should always be legal because no one person has the right to tell a woman that she must have a child, even if it was a mistake. Accidents happen whether it be the condom tears, the birth control does not work, or even the rare cases where a woman gets pregnant without actually having sex. We are human beings, we are not perfect in anyway shape or form, we are bound to make mistakes and I don’t believe that this kind of mistake should automatically change your life without giving you an option if it does.

I can see where people could get upset from someone performing an abortion when you can actually see fetus, but I don’t see where they could get upset when the egg is just fertilized or is just a collection of cells. One human being has over 50 trillion cells in their body and you shouldn’t get mad if a woman decides to kill about 100 of them (Human Body). That is my viewpoint; women should be allowed to get an abortion before a certain time in the pregnancy. I don’t view a collection of cells that is not any type of developed organism yet to be a living person.

There are also other circumstances that I believe make abortion a valid choice for a woman. Rape is a horrific event that no woman chooses to have done to her and I don’t believe they should also have to be pregnant from it too. If I was a woman and I was raped and became pregnant, but was not allowed to have an abortion, I would be furious. “I...

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