Aboriginal Traditions

Topics: Indigenous Australians, Culture, Totem pole Pages: 3 (1452 words) Published: January 5, 2015
Lesson 6: The Aboriginal World View

There are numerous details included in the essay that indicate that the author is Aboriginal. For example, in the leading sentence of the essay, he states that he was “born on a trapline” and learned to speak Cree as his first language. This clearly shows right from the start that he was raised in an Aboriginal environment. The fact that he lived on a trapline also demonstrates the hunter-gatherer way of life that many Aboriginals lead in order to utilize the their environment to provide many of their necessities while retaining their connection with nature. In the second paragraph, the author mentions that he enjoys travelling to Northern Ontario to hunt with his father. This anecdote is important because he describes in detail how they hunt, namely highlighting the fact that whilst most Canadians will simply buy food at a supermarket without a second thought, it is customary for Aboriginals hunting to say a prayer for the animals’ spirits to show appreciation and gratitude for their sacrifice. This demonstrates the Aboriginal perspective because Aboriginals recognize that they are very dependent on other parts of creation, and therefore show respect and appreciation through activities such as praying, giving thanks and using human pronouns when speaking about animals. Another point in the essay where the author is shown to be of Aboriginal descent is when he expresses frustration about the number of homeless people (Aboriginal or otherwise) that need help, comparing it to his childhood memory of his mother telling him that “In the old days, no one went hungry as long as there was food, and everyone had a place to sleep”. This demonstrates the Aboriginal mentality of communalism (vs. individualism) that dictates that everyone in the group is important and responsible for following the laws of nature, as they believe that individuals within a community are all interconnected, and that the harmony of a group helped keep the...
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