Aboriginal Rights and Freedoms

Topics: Indigenous Australians, Australia, Indigenous peoples Pages: 3 (789 words) Published: October 15, 2013
Aboriginal Rights and Freedoms - History Australia
The rights and freedoms of indigenous Australians have clearly improved since 1945 and onwards. The numerous improvements in Government Policies both state and federal have lead to a vast advancement in the rights and freedoms of Aborigines. The various examples of Aboriginal activism in Australia have educated the Australian people that they want to be treated equally. Although there are many ways that the rights and freedoms of indigenous Australians have improved, there is still a huge amount of discrimination against the Aboriginal population. Their standard of living is still below average and society in Australia has still not accepted them.

The improvements in Government Policies have greatly improved the rights and freedoms of indigenous Australians, the end of many policies brought about a lot of change in rights for Aboriginals and got them closer to the equality they deserved. There were two specific policies that really did mark a new era of rights and freedoms for indigenous Australians, these were the ending of the policy of Assimilation and the Stolen Generations. The policy of Assimilation that began in 1950s tried to make the Aboriginal people fit in with white Australian culture, it tried to conform them to our ways, essentially changing their lifestyle and putting them through the new education system. This policy ended and brought upon the Stolen Generations, which deemed that instead of trying to conform the indigenous population, they would simply take away newborn children and wipe out the Aboriginal race. Both these policies are now seen as unjust and soon ended in Australia they marked the first recognition that Aboriginal culture is different to ours and that it should be accepted into our own. Through the ending of these policies the rights and freedoms of indigenous Australians improved as they were now seen as a different race that should be accepted into our society....
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