Aboriginal Canadians Essay

Topics: World War I, Canada, World War II Pages: 2 (1252 words) Published: October 28, 2014

The Aboriginal peoples were the first people on this land, and yet they have always been treated as second-class citizens. The Canadian government forced Aboriginal Peoples onto reserves and trying to convert them to a more European lifestyle, thus destroying their way of life. Although Aboriginal Canadians made significant contributions during the First World War, they were often discriminated against and did not receive fair or equal treatment. Firstly Aboriginal men and women made important contributions to the war both on the battlefield and on the home front. Secondly Aboriginal soldiers were often discriminated against while serving in the war and not treated equally to their European allies. Lastly, after the war and despite all the heroics of Aboriginal men and women, they were still treated as second-class citizens with no progress towards equality. The contributions made by Aboriginal men and women during The First World War had a significant impact on the outcome of the war and were not recognized by Canadians. By the end of the war, Aboriginal men and women had served throughout the army. The percentage of Aboriginal men who enlisted was equal to the rest of the country, and even higher in some areas. For instance, “Every eligible male from the Mi’kmaq reserve near Sydney, Nova Scotia, volunteered.” In the New Brunswick reserves, 62 of 116 men joined the army, and in the Algonquin of Golden Lake band all but 3 eligible men enlisted In total over 4000 Aboriginal men fought in the war. The achievements of Aboriginal men during the war were very impressive, and they had a significant impact in most battles. Many Aboriginal men became platoon leaders and combat instructors, and some men even became officers. During the war over 50 Aboriginal men were decorated for their bravery on the battlefield. “Many acquired near-legendary status as scouts and snipers, drawing on pre-war hunting skills and wilderness experience.” One soldier received the Military...
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