Abolish Teacher Tenure

Topics: Tenure, Education, Teacher Pages: 4 (1298 words) Published: November 12, 2011
Tyler Cope
Mrs. Lewis
Eng 101, 9:10
20 Jun. 2011
Abolish Teacher Tenure
Tenure might be good for the teachers, but it is horrible for the students. Tenure needs to be abolished from school and taken out of the contract. Teachers that have tenure do not teach well and often treat their students badly. Even though tenure is good for teachers and helps the teachers keep their jobs for life, so tenure must be eliminated from the teacher’s contract because many teachers become unmotivated, teachers that are not good at teaching can keep their jobs for life even if they do not teach or treat students well, and tenure hurts students by giving an unmotivated teacher the right to teach them.

A teacher that has tenure may be unmotivated due to the fact that they do not have to do a good job and will still keep their job. “In any case the research shows that within five years, you can generally tell who is a good teacher and who is not (Thomas, Wingert, Conant, and Register).” Let’s say that a teacher gets tenured two years into the job and then the school realizes that they are not good teachers in about a two more years. Now that school is stuck because they cannot fire that teacher and hire a good teacher to replace him or her. That is a good thing for that teacher because him or her will have that job no matter what they do. “In New York City in 2008, three out of 30,000 tenured teachers were dismissed for cause (Thomas, Wingert, Conant, and Register).” This shows that teachers can get away with a lot and tenured teachers do not really even have to try to keep their jobs. That shows that teachers with tenure are not very motivated and will not do a good job in the classroom unlike teachers without tenure. Teachers without tenure actually have something to work for and can lose their job, where as 1 in 2500 tenured teachers get fired, so a tenured teacher is hard to motivate in the classroom (Waiting for Superman). Another problem is how bad some of...
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