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Abnormal Psychology:
Abnormal psychology is a branch of psychology that deals with psychopathology and abnormal behavior. Abnormal behavior is disruptive in classes unable to control tempers and loud. Abnormal Phycology is when someone’s thoughts are causing them discomfort and they act on it. This will then allow someone to be diagnosed mentally Ill. Normal Psychology:

Normal psychology is the study of the human behavior and the mind. It is stereotype in way that judge’s criteria are normal or abnormal. Normal psychology is a common way to diagnose behavior by the ability to be Maladaptive. Two aspects make this flexible and common. Maladaptive to one’s self is the inability to reach goals, and to adapt to the everyday demands of life. Also there is Maladaptive to society, the interference in social functioning.(Spoor 1999) Being in either of these categories someone would be diagnosed mentally ill. Comparison of Normal and Abnormal Psychology:

Normal Psychology and abnormal psychology works together because they both are decisions made that people chose to react to. In a normal setting someone can be sitting and reading a book quietly. Then another person comes along and makes loud distracting noises that the person either chooses to adhere to or ignore. Abnormal psychology has worked out more problems that were associated with normal psychology. Therapies and treatments are advanced, illnesses and disorders are common and frequent, and studies are in depth. The root of normal psychology has attached itself to abnormal psychology. The study of how a person feels, thinks, interprets, and behaves is the root of both of these psychological paths and they are intertwined.

Abnormal-Psychology-Normal-Psychology: Katrina Spoor; 1999
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