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According to the integrative model, which of the following factors influence the onset and maintenance of somatic symptom disorders?  A.Biological, psychological, social and cultural factors.  B.Psychological, cultural and perceptual factors.  C.Medical, sociological, and psychological factors.  D.Cultural, medical, and gender factors. Answer Key: A Question 2 of 50 1.0 Points

Concerning the cause of dissociative disorders, _______ dominate(s) this field of psychology.  A.theory and speculation  B.statistical analysis from experiments  C.observation and patient interviews  D.experimental research with controlled groups Answer Key: A Question 3 of 50 1.0 Points

Jill was the victim of a fender-bender accident in which she was driving a car struck in a parking lot. Although she felt well initially, she developed back pain immediately after being contacted by the other driver's insurance company who wanted to settle. A thorough review of her medical complaints by her physician found no signs of an actual medical disorder. Nevertheless, Jill maintains that she has severe back pain that limits all of her activities except attending college classes. Given this case scenario, what condition might Jill be presenting?  A.Malingering  B.Somatic symptom disorder  C.Factitious disorder by proxy  D.Factitious disorder Answer Key: A Question 4 of 50 1.0 Points

What is malingering?
 A.having a psychological problem that is correlated with no physical symptoms  B.pretending to have an illness for an external gain  C.having a disorder characterized by the preoccupation with pain self-centered and melodramatic reports of symptoms Answer Key: B Question 5 of 50 1.0 Points

Just after her husband leaves for an extended military tour overseas, Jeanne finds that her vision is suddenly impaired and that she is nearly blind. However, examination by an expert ophthalmologist reveals that her eyes are functioning completely normally. Jeanne is likely suffering from _______.  A.somatic symptom disorder  B.conversion disorder  C.Anxiety illness disorder  D.pain disorder Answer Key: B Question 6 of 50 1.0 Points

Factitious disorders differ from somatic symptom and dissociative disorders in that they  A.are intentionally produced to assume a sick role.  B.are prevalent in childhood and early adolescence.  C.have real physical bases and may be life-threatening.  D.remit once the patient is reassured about good health.. Answer Key: A Question 7 of 50 1.0 Points

Somatic symptom disorders were originally known as
 A.hysteria.  B.psychophysiological disorders.  C.psychosocial disorders.  D.stress-related disorders. Answer Key: A Question 8 of 50 1.0 Points
Both dissociative amnesia and dissociative fugue
 A.are best treated using antidepressants.  B.involve loss of memory.  C.require lengthy therapeutic treatment.  D.require treatment by medication and surgery. Answer Key: B Question 9 of 50 1.0 Points

A few weeks ago, Marne experienced a sudden feeling of being removed from her body and observing herself sitting in class taking notes. This unusual experience has recurred. Yesterday, she had a sense that the hand that was writing notes was not her hand; she felt no pressure of the pencil against her fingers. Which of the following is most likely Marne's diagnosis?  A.Dissociative amnesia  B.Dissociative identity disorder  C.Dissociative fugue  D.Depersonalization disorder Answer Key: D Question 10 of 50 1.0 Points

What may be a predisposing factor to illness anxiety disorder?  A.increased interoceptive awareness of small changes in body function  B.a dissociative fugue  C.decreased interoceptive awareness of small changes in body function  D.dissociative identity disorder Answer Key: A Question 11 of 50 1.0 Points

What are recovered memories?
 A.memories that are false and are created by a therapist  B.memories that are hidden by dissociation but that can be recalled...
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