9-Step Problem Solving Model

Topics: Problem solving, Negotiation, Problem Pages: 4 (1352 words) Published: August 25, 2007
9-Step Problem Solving Model
Scenario One Reflection Paper
This paper discusses the effectiveness, challenges, and application of the 9-Step Problem Solving Model with respect to the scenario involving USAuto and AutoMex. The effectiveness of USAuto's attempt demonstrates the importance of correctly following each step of the model to obtain maximum success. Effectively applying the 9-step model shows faults that USAuto made during their initial problem-solving attempt. We also discuss challenges that USAuto dealt with during their negotiation with AutoMex, and what things to avoid in overcoming those challenges. Lastly we cover the application of the 9-step model in real-world situations, and compare it with events team members experience at work. Effectiveness of the 9-Step Problem-Solving Model

Before study of the 9-Step problem-solving model, we initially thought USAuto completed thorough research into solving their problem. After we reviewed and applied the 9-step problem-solving model to this scenario, we learned that there were many holes in the research and problem-solving approach completed by USAuto. By applying the 9-step problem-solving model, we learned how to analyze and frame the right problem, identify a relevant problem statement, retrieve ideas from generic benchmarking techniques, and implement a viable set of solutions. Our learning team realized that proper analysis, and framing the problem correctly, is the basis for the model. Without an initial proper analysis of the problem, implementation for an effective working solution is impossible. We found the initial step of the model most effective when we identified the facts without trying to reach a solution within a group atmosphere. Due to the different perspectives of various team members, the team identified different aspects of the problem, which in turn, helped to later identify alternative solutions to the problem.

Generic benchmarking on cross-cultural negotiations,...
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