40 Inventive Principles of TRIZ

Topics: Problem solving, Creativity / Pages: 16 (3821 words) / Published: Jan 28th, 2014
Rapid Development

Lamablawa Mario Valentino Alfarro S.T
Production and Economics, University of Applied Sciences, Lemgo,
North Rhine Westphalia, Germany

This paper gives a description and also examples of 40 Inventive Principles used in TRIZ problem solving. First of all introducing will be given such as brief explanation about TRIZ it self and 40 Inventive Principles. This paper further will focus on this 40 Inventive Principles.
Elaborating of it will be in description of each principle and also examples implementated in technical areas industries. Rapid growth of 40 Inventive Principles usage in other area outside technical problem such as Quality Management, Organisation, Business, etc, shows how powerfull TRIZ is especialy 40 Inventive Principles.
1. Problem solving
3. 40 Inventive Principles
4. Examples of 40 Inventive Principles
5. Rapid growth of 40 Inventive Principles usage
Traditional problem solving is no longer relevant in industry nowdays. Trial and error use massive time consumption and industry can not tolerate it anymore due to the trend of time compression. Everything needs to be not only fast, but also accurate, effective, and efficient.
Genrich Saulovich Altshuller (1926-1998) found a method to solve this problem. It is called
TRIZ, theory of inventive problem solving (Russian: теория решения изобретательских задач). Altshuller found that a variety of different engineering systems and technologies had common patterns of evolution. The inventor (or any problem solver) can learn these patterns of evolution, use them to develop new technology consciously and systematically and avoid many fruitless trials and errors [1]. After analysing, the problem is elevated to a standard problem which has an analogous nature. This standard problem will lead to a known standard solution. It is viable that this solution comes from a different field of

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