9/11: A Critical Analysis Of Hurricane Katrina

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It was gray,hazy and raining. This is what is looked like after the horrific storm of hurricane Katrina . Before the storm came Armani was celebrating her 10th birthday. Her family (the Curtis’s ) were eating the cake and then is started pouring down rain and the wind was blowing so hard it busted out some of their windows.The Curtis’s really weren't prepared for the storm . So when it came to their home it hit it hard. When the storm was over they didn’t have much left.Then the went outside to see what was left and suddenly the floodgates busted. Water rushed down their street quickly. When the flood water came. It knocked their house off of the foundation so they started floating down the street into the gulf. The Curtis’s grandmother Memaw dies in the house while they are in the gulf. For Armani’s birthday she got a puppy named Cricket. Cricket fell off the roof …show more content…
Text evidence is when Armani’s neighbor tells her to tell her parents to evacuate and she doesn't because it's her birthday weekend and then hurricane Katrina comes. The second theme is to believe in yourself. Text evidence is when Armani mother leaves Armani by herself with her two sister to fend for themselves. The first internal conflict is when Armani doesn’t believe that she can take care of her two sisters Sealy and Khalya,while her mother goes gets medical treatment for her brother Kheelin. Armani’s second internal conflict is when Armani is at the Superdome and she wants to leave her sisters because she doesn't believe that she can do it and her sisters are getting on her nerves. Upside down in the middle of nowhere is written is first person. The story is told by Armani . I know that it is first person because she uses words like I and me. If this story was written in third person omniscient it would be different because we would be able to see into the minds of all of the characters instead of just

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