6th Grade Language Arts Observation

Topics: Writing, Family, Literature Pages: 3 (808 words) Published: July 4, 2010
Classroom Observation Paper
Kathy Moore
RDG 410
Elementary Methods Reading/Language Arts
Instructor: Elizabeth Schmitz
June 3, 2010

On Wednesday May 19, 2010, I observed Mrs. Kristi Jones 6th grade Language Arts Class at Chase Middle School. Mrs. Jones has her students come into class and sit down and begin their Silent Sustained Reading for the first 15 minutes of class every day. Students have their choice of trade books to read which when they finish they take Accelerated Reader test to earn points. Depending on which language class she has point requirements range from 5 to 15 points per six weeks for students. However, Mrs. Jones told me that she does allow modifications for students qualify for them. She allows them to read lower grade books with fewer points and instead of testing she allows them to write summaries of the books.

On this particular day Mrs. Jones was teaching from the 6th grade Language Arts book. She told me that the class had just finished a literary circle unit and would now be working on a literature focus unit. While students are engaged in SSR she writes on the board to chapter and page number of the story they will be working on today.

While the students work on SSR, I tour the classroom. I notice that Mrs. Jones has a very extensive word wall. The words on the wall cover genre types, the seven types of traditional fiction, and movements in literature, types of modern fiction, literary elements, and figurative language among many other words. Mrs. Jones also has a classroom library section with books she provides for students. The library section includes beanbags and pillows for students to use while reading. The print environment is very print-rich.

After SSR Mrs. Jones directs students to open their literature books and turn to the story they are about to read. The story is called “An Hour with Abuelo”. She asks her students to get out there journals. She told her students today they were going to read a story...
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