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Topics: Social work
Sheffield City Council
Children and Young People Level 5 Diploma C & YP Advanced Practice
Knowledge Assessment Criteria of Unit 502 (4 credits) Promote Professional Supervision & Unit 532 (3 credits) Understanding Professional Supervision Practice

Cooper Nicholas

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532 2.1
Analyse the principles, scope and purpose of professional supervision

The principles, scope and purpose of professional supervision cover an array of criteria that should play are part in aiming to facilitate the supervision process. A contract between supervisee and supervisor is imperative as are clear guidelines on confidentiality and all notes should be signed by both parties and filed in a lockable facility; an agenda that is agreed by both parties should also be completed and added to accordingly by both parties.

Carroll (1996) Points out, supervision is a word that has many meanings, its most common usage being to ‘oversee’.

All care workers and managers are required to undergo supervision in order to meet the standards outlined in the G.S.C.C (General Social Care Council). This gives clear directive on the codes of practice and how we can improve the quality of the work delivered. This will lead to the young people leading a fulfilled life and supported by staff who feel supported in their role.

Carroll (2007) ‘’At its simplest, supervision is a forum where supervisees review and reflect on their work in order to do it better. Practitioners bring their actual work practice to another person (individual supervisor), or to a group (small group or team supervision), and with their help review what happened in their practice in order to learn from that experience. Ultimately, supervision is for the better quality of the service. In a relationship of trust and transparency, supervisees talk about their work and through reflection and thoughtfulness learn from it and return to do it differently. Supervision is based on the assumption that reflecting on

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