500 Word Essay on Responsibilty

Topics: United States Army, Leadership, Military Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: November 10, 2010
In my opinion being a responsible soldier is a man or woman who attempts to live and apply the army values to everyday life. By placing the mission first soldiers automatically put themselves second to everything they do; meaning selfless service. Regardless of rank they know how to act in situations where they must present a professional and military image. They also take pride in what they do every day for their country. Responsible soldiers take full responsibility for all actions preformed by them or any actions that they help perform weather it was the right or wrong thing. Soldiers know where to be, what uniform to be in, what time to be there, and help make sure that every one of their seniors, peers, and subordinates know as well. I believe that responsible soldiers do the right thing even when the right thing is off the beaten path. They also do the right thing even when no one else is looking.

I would like to quote a few references whose information seems to fit very well with this essay: “We must be effective members of the Joint team. We need to think of our Army as an expeditionary force. We need to encourage innovation and increase resiliency. And most important, we need to reinforce the Warrior Ethos in every Soldier."

~ CSA Peter Schoomaker
I think this quote by CSA Peter Schoomaker is very important because this is the epitome of being a soldier and a way of life. Without responsible soldiers we cannot function or be effective members of a joint team. Our Army that we love so much would fail and we would leave our country, family, friends, and other innocent people throughout the world unprotected and vulnerable.

From FM 6-22:
A Leader of Character, A Leader with Presence, and A Leader with Intellect. Upon taking the oath to become an Army leader, Soldiers, and Army civilians enter into a sacred agreement with the Nation and their subordinates. The men and women of the Army are capable of extraordinary feats of courage and...
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