500 Reasons Why I Love You.

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500 reasons why i love you.

1. I love the way you keep your cool whenever I do stupid things.

2. I love the fact that I've met you during the craziest time of my life and you changed it all in just a mili-second.

3. You're so adorable.

4. I haven't met your mom but I know we'd get along JUST FINE.

5. You memorized my phone number. I don't even remember it.

6. Thank you for being stupid enough to not leave me when all I do is hurt you.

7. I love your smile…. I seriously, seriously do.

8. I know you like it when I sweet talk. Ha!

9. Because you're never mad at me.

10. The tattoo? Rockin'!

11. The way you lose your accent when you sing.

12. You're cuddlesome.

13. You make me worry.

14. You make me jealous.

15. Because you never gave up.

16. You're the first and last person I think about.

17. You keep me sane.

18. I love your accent.

19. I love your asian accent, haha if you know what I mean.

20. Your lips are enough to make me melt.

21. How you listen to me talk nonsense for hours.

22. Made my summer unforgettable.

23. Sorry if I told you "tennis" is stupid. I just didn't want you to leave.

24. I seriously still don't see why you liked me.

25. Thank you for waking up 4 or 5 in the morning just to talk to me. I'm so sorry.

26. For making me smile.

27. I love how you'd call me just to say you love me.

28. You never played games with me.

29. I like how a hug from you would drown the frustrations from a bad grade.

30. I'm sorry I have corny jokes.

31. I know I'm annoying but I never heard you say it even though I'm most annoying to you.

32. I'd go vegetarian for you.

33. I learnt that vegetarians are stupid. (no harm meant. )

34. You are asian.

35. Love the way you say, "baby".

36. Opposites do attract. Proven!

37. How you correct my spellings.

38. How you correct my english.

39. How you always finish my sentences.

40. The way you sing….. Mmhh, can't even describe how much it makes my heart beat a hundred times faster.

41. I can't go on a day without talking to you.

42. Your intelligence.

43. You're my first and last.

44. it's always nice to wake up in the morning knowing I'll get to talk to you.

45. How you'd give me kisses whenever I would ask for one.

46. How you love adobo.

47. How you think Filipinos are cool.

48. How you think Filipinos are funny.

49. How I'm your favourite.

50. How you're able to get me to open up.

51. How you're able to make me write all this.

52. I can be myself around you.

53. Because I think you're funny. XD

54. you never get mad at me when I'd make fun of you.

55. You care about what I feel.

56. You worry about me

57. You'd wait for me.

58. I love how I'm actually scared of you. Is that weird? Nevermind, it's hard to explain.

59. Nothing else matters when I'm with you.

60. You don't look for attention.

61. You're mature.

62. You're funny in your own little way.

63. You're a good influence in me.

64. We're perfect together.

65. You're good for my future kids.

66. How you'd actually call just to ask how I am after a big night. Really sweet.

67. You're a Christian.

68. You're the only good thing I have.

69. When I met you, I hardly ever remember what sad feels like.

70. Because you play guitar.

71. Because you play the keyboard.

72. Because you're creative.

73. Because you can draw.

74. You're my best friend

75.I owe everything to you.

76. You excite me.

77. Because you let me watch you sleep.

78. Because you let me watch you on cam.

79. Because you sing for me.

80. Because you're brave enough to tell me that what I do is stupid.

81. But seriously, my idea of a good night is just you and me.

82. You're amazing.

83. I can't imagine my life without you.

84. I can stay forever in love with you.

85. I will not regret anything I had with you.

86. I can tell...
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