500 days of summer

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500 Days of Summer is the cleverly told story of boy meets girl. Tom, the main character, is an average Joe; he works to live (doesn’t live to work) and he stays “inside the box”. That all changes though when Summer (beautiful girl with mesmerizing eyes) walks right into his life. At first, Tom doesn’t do anything to try and get Summer. While Tom is still questioning his feelings for Summer, the editing stays basic. The editing mirrors the romance throughout the whole film; only when things start to heat up between Tom and Summer do we see a complexity in editing (to mirror the complexity of the relationship). Shot types also play a big role in the movie’s success. When we see important details, we get close ups of the actor’s faces. The editing combined with cleverly placed shot types make 500 Days of Summer a great, humorous movie.

The way the film is put together is clever because when looked at closely, the characters placement and editing (combined with different shot types) make the movie very unique. 500 Days of Summer revolves around two main characters, Tom and Summer. Summer is way out of Tom’s league, but Tom goes for her anyway. During the beginning of the movie, Summer is all the way on the other side of the office where they both work in. The placement of the characters is symbolic because this represents how they seem to be on opposite sides of the spectrum. Tom has his views on what love is, and Summer has no idea what love is. The character placements are combined with both wide and long shots. This again symbolizes how they are both nowhere near each other (aren’t meant to be). Another character placement that is worth noticing is when Summer and Tom are at Ikea. Ikea is notorious for its intricate...
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