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Topics: Tongue piercing, Shut up, Body piercing Pages: 3 (423 words) Published: January 15, 2014
50 Common Expressions

2. Of course
3. Of course not
4. That’s fine
5. That’s right
6. As soon as possible
7. I’m sorry
8. I’m really sorry
9. Sorry I’m late
10. Sorry to keep you waiting
11. Sorry for the delay
12. Come on
13. Just kidding
14. Bless you
15. That’s funny
16. That’s life
17. Damn it
18. Come on
19. Please sit down
20. Could I have your attention please!
21. Let’s go
22. Hurry up!
23. Calm down
24. Hang on a second
25. One moment please
26. Just a minute
27. Take your time
28. Please be quiet!
29. Shut up!
30. Stop it!
31. Don’t worry
32. Don’t forget
33. Help yourself
34. Go ahead
35. That’s enough
36. It doesn’t matter
37. It’s not important
38. It’s not serious
39. It’s not worth it
40. I’m in a hurry
41. I’ve got to go
42. I’m going out
43. Sleep well
44. Same to you
45. Let me know
46. Where are you?
47. What is this?
48. What is this called?
49. Is anything wrong?
50. What’s the matter?
51. Is everything okay?


Mom and her teenage daughter, Lynn, are having a very frank discussion. Let's listen in on the conversation.

Mom: Hi honey, how was school today?
Daughter: It was okay. I have something really important to ask you. Mom: Go right ahead.
Daughter: Can I have a pierced tongue?
Mom: What?
Daughter: A pierced tongue. All of the girls have one.
Mom: Well not my girl. The answer is no.
Daughter: How about a pierced nose? It really is quite popular. Mom: The answer is still no.
Daughter: A lovely butterfly tattoo. Come on. Everyone has a tattoo. It's so cool. Mom: No, no, no! Look, I'll let you have blonde highlights if you quit bringing up these other silly ideas. Do we have a deal? Daughter: Sure mom. I didn't really want that other junk anyway. Well, I'll see you later, and thanks mom. Mom: I, I, I....

Daughter: I know. You think I'm the best daughter in the whole wide world. Thanks again. Bye. Mom: Tricked again. When will I ever learn?

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