4222 206 Workbook Role of the Health and Social Care Worker

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Unit 4222-206 – The Role of the Health and Social Care Worker

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The Role of the Health and Social Care Worker
206 - Workbook
Supports the QCF Vocational, QCF Technical Certificate
& Common Induction Standards
(For use with QCF Unit HSC025)

4222-206 The Role of a Health and Social Care Worker

Working in the Health and Social Care sector is an important and responsible role. Following extensive consultation with the public, the Department of Health published in 2007 the seven outcomes that people expect from their health and adult social care services.

These are –
Improved health and emotional well-being;
Improved quality of life;
Making positive contribution;
Increased choice and control;
Freedom from discrimination and harassment;
Economic well-being; and
Maintaining personal dignity and respect

The role of the worker can be identified as:

Assessment Skills
Usually the care plan. The aim of the care plan is to assess the needs and risks of the person concerned and make appropriate plans Reviewing/ Evaluating Skills
Is a continual process as people’s needs and wants change. You will be able to check / measure that the care plan objectives are being met by setting target dates to evaluate what the person has been able to achieve and what needs to be adapted in the care plan and objectives Listening Skills

Listening is an important part of communicating with others. To listen implies that the listener hears, pays attention to and responds to the person. Negotiating Skills
The purpose of negotiation is to resolve situations where conflicts have arisen. The aim of a win-win negotiation is to find a solution that is acceptable to both parties and leaves all involved feeling that they have won – in some way – once the negotiation has finished. It is important that the most vocal do not always have their way. Recording Skills

Making notes, writing reports, emails,
Effective Communication
Most communication is non-verbal. People can read visual clues and rely on instinct even if you say the opposite, so if a service user asks you a question, be honest – your body language will reveal the truth. Team Work

Team work is essential in social and health work practice. No one can support someone effectively without others. There is no ‘I’ in team Technical Skills
These can range from using computers to craft work. Work practice can vary, you need to be flexible and constantly willing to learn Research Skills
These skills are increasingly important. You will need them to continually develop your learning Organisational Skills
A disorganised person may be creative but will not get very far if they miss the deadline (and visit time) or do not complete the work Personal Presentation
People do judge by first appearances! Always dress appropriately for work and be clean and tidy

4222-206/1 – Understand working relationships in Health and Social Care

The working relationships between care staff and the people who they provide care for is critical for their health and wellbeing – Relationships come in very different shapes and sizes. There are relationships between friends, family members, colleagues in outside organisations and the professional relationship between colleagues and service users. The relationship between a worker and a service user should be a supportive professional relationship. What does this mean?

What are the differences between the personal...
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