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Saint Joseph’s University
Pennsylvania Standards Aligned System Lesson Plan Format

Candidate’s Name Ashley Daniels & Jane Kang Course EDU 665___

Date _04/09/15__ Subject __ Math ___Grade Level _Grade 3___

Lesson Topic ___ Let’s Make a Zoo! With Perimeter and Area ­­_

1. Essential Questions
How is area and perimeter used in real-world settings?
How do you construct a suitable environment for animals at a zoo? How are area and perimeter related?

2. Learner Outcomes (Instructional Objectives)
Students will be able to measure the area and perimeter of irregular shapes. Students will be able to identify key aspects of an animal habitat. Student will be able to present their work to the class and cooperate to produce a class wide project.

3. Related Academic Standards: Common Core and/or PA Standards Common Core Standards (2010):
PA Standards (2014):

4. Process Skills
Team-working skills
Critical Thinking
Measuring and Organizing
Public Speaking

5. Materials/Resources
Graphing Paper (pre-cut odd shapes made of vertical and horizontal lines). The shapes will be cut so that when each group combines their pieces, it will create a square. Pencils, markers, crayons, other materials for coloring and writing Rulers

Scrap Paper
Previous class notes/fact sheets about area, perimeter, and different animals. Fact sheet worksheet (p.4)

6. Instructional Procedures
- This lesson is designed for students who have previously learned about perimeter, area, and different animal classifications.
-Review Perimeter and Area lesson from earlier in the week. You could either put sample problems on the board for the class to solve and/or go over perimeter and area equations by showing “Perimeter Around the Area” by the Bazillions (2014) on youtube. Review the video afterwards. -After reviewing area and perimeter, advise the class that we will now be...
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