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Database Systems Tutorials and Lab Plan
1- Course Guidelines
 Tutorial and Labs will be combined. First hour teaching and the next 2 hours students doing exercises.  No homework, instead assignments will be done in the lab.  Groups must be formed from day one and throughout the course they would apply what they learned over the course on the project.

2- Course Outline (Subject to Change)
       Week 3 : Database Design Modeling Week 4: Database Design Normalization Week 5 and 6 : Data Retrieval (SQL statements) and DML statements Week 7 and 8 : DDL, Transaction Control and DCL Week 9 : Connecting to Java Week 10 : PLSQL Week 11 and 12: Oracle Administration

3- Project Guidelines
There would be two projects, o First Project : Phone Records System o Second Project: An Idea of your Choosing  Any Idea for an Application that needs a Database  Please submit a written one page project description of your proposed idea by Monday 4/3/2013 8 pm to be sent to my email Note: This is a graded task. o Project Requirements  2nd and 3rd weeks: Drawing the ERD’s of your system  4th week : Creating the GUI of your system using Java

 5th week: Creating tables for your project  6th & 7th weeks: Connecting to a Database using Java and writing necessary SQL statements to retrieve data.  8th Week: Integrating the client side with the server side.

4- Rules and Regulations
 Any cheating or plagiarism of any kind will be SEVERELY dealt with and may result in a zero for the tutorials and labs marks.  Tutorial and Lab participation is mandatory and marks will be given to participation.  Students should be on time, penalty applies to students late.  Project teams would be a group of 3 chosen by the TA.  Any assignments or project requirements should be typed and written in a clear neat format. Additionally coding convention must be applied. Penalty applies for those who do not this rule.  Tasks must be submitted on time  First...
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