3G capex optimization techniques- capacity planning & delivery process

Topics: Middle East, Capital expenditure, T-Mobile Pages: 3 (700 words) Published: May 13, 2014
'Capex Optimization Strategies: Operator Best Practices for Making the Most of 3G Network Capex,' a Telecom Insider Report by Researcher, presents a selection of 17 techniques for managing 3G networks in a capex-efficient way. These techniques have resulted from the application of the MASI, PYR's proprietary framework for analyzing and optimizing capex, to the capex profiles of a wide variety of operators. In this report, we explain each of these capex-effective techniques for managing networks. Examples from the Middle East and Africa as well as from some developed-market players are also provided. Operators can already harness these best practices to control and reduce their 3G capex. Key Findings

Our methodology for developing techniques of saving on capex produced a number of levers for controlling and optimizing capex dedicated to 3G networks. •Differentiated capacity margins and dynamic capacity allocations, for instance, drive forward efficiencies in the capacity delivery process, and as a result curb 3G capex. •Converged or heterogeneous architectures empowered by cloud-based services and dynamic pricing produce capex synergies, maximize the monetization of the available capacity and thus generate further savings.

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“Capex Optimization Strategies: Operator Best Practices for Making the Most of 3G Network Capex,” a new Africa and Middle East Telecom Insider by Researcher, starts by noting that operators today continuously need to manage their network capital expenditures in an efficient way, whether their investment priorities lie in broadband, innovation, improved coverage or QoS. To help them make the most of their network capex, Researcher has developed the MASI framework. MASI provides a structure for the operator to systematically plan and optimize capex, a mission-critical aspect of any operator's daily life. This Insider presents a...
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