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Film Paper

Sue Vang

The film I chose to evaluate is the fantasy action film, “300.” 300 is a fictional retelling of the Battle of Thermopylae, in which the Greeks tried to hold off an invasion of the Persian Empire. The author’s message, from a leadership perspective, shows what a group of soldier would do for their king and how they inspire a country. A number of scenes from the film will depict that King Leonidas is a great leader with great conviction for what he believes in.
Leonidas has many great leadership traits. Leonidas has all the traits a good leader needs. He has intelligence, self-confidence, determination, integrity, and sociability. Even though Leonidas has assigned leadership, he also has emergent leadership. He is appointed king only after he has been tested by the rigorous traditional Spartan initiations into adulthood. After being inspected at birth to see if he was worthy of being a Sparta, Leonidas was thrown into the wild at the age of 7 and left to survive. Leonidas came back alive to prove to his father, and his people that he is capable to be their king.
As king, Leonidas command legitimate, coercive, and reward power like his counterpart, Xerxes of Persia. But Leonidas also has referent power that Xerxes does not. Leonidas’ soldiers liked him and would die for him. Xerces’ army was made up of slaves and beasts that fear for their lives. They are forced to fight, and when they fail, Xerxes becomes enraged and beheads them.
Leonidas’ leadership style is both directive and supportive. He gave specific instructions on how to battle against the overwhelming Persian Army and he also engages in combat with his army. After a victory he praises his soldier for their bravery and courage. He respects and acknowledges each soldier’s effort in the battles. Leonidas has high task and high relationship behavior with his army.
Leonidas faced many challenges throughout the movie. One example was

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