2014 vertical roller mill What exactly are the rewards?

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The vertical roller mill is widely used during the fields of cement, electrical power, steel, nonmetallic ore, and so on., Vertical mill can grind cement raw materials, slag, coal, etc. into powder. Material through the feed tube fell within the center of grinding plate, centrifugal force generated through the rotation of grinding plate uniformly scatters and flattens the products outwards the surrounding area of grinding plate, to varieties a specific thick layer of elements bed, the materials was crushed by variety of rollers in the very same time. Driven by the constant centrifugal force to help keep the supplies moving to the outer edge in the grinding plate, the products off the grinding plate increasing together with the hot air which enter from wind ring in to the mill, through the vertical

Vertical roller mill is definitely an great grinding equipment of substantial, extensively used in cement,Cone Crusher effects., energy, metallurgy, chemicals, non-payment of domestic mining machinery manufacturing enterprises grinding product or service is mineral together with other industries. Vertical roller mill combines crushing, drying, grinding, grading conveyor in one, large efficiency, can be massive, granular and powder resources ground into powder materials required.

Vertical mill R & D and production technology demanding,station de concassage sence, relevant research institutions in China have been put forward from the 80's during the cement industry and vigorously promote the vertical mill proposal, and then there are some manufacturers have introduced their own grinding products. But with the time of R & D level limitations, then the Vertical roller mill products have the inevitable technical deficiencies, many cement manufacturers to switch for the last ball again.

In recent years, with massive milling machines to enhance manufacturing enterprises abroad mill grinding technology has matured, Vertical roller mill products technical...
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