The Application of Vertical Roller Mill in Slag Grinding

Topics: Blast furnace, Iron, Smelting Pages: 4 (564 words) Published: December 3, 2013
Steel plant blast furnace slag is discharged waste in the production process. At present, the

slag into the slag powder ground, the same amount instead of cement, either turning waste

into treasure, and can reduce production of cement needed for mining resources is an

important way to develop recycling economy and achieve sustainable development. Slag powder

is a new type of high-strength concrete admixture, high-quality cement admixture, the raw

material is metallurgical industry blast furnace slag, is the use of a new type of

environmentally friendly industrial waste products. Over the past decade, mostly large steel

companies have invested in building slag grinding production lines, the slag powder project

as a priority the development of non-steel industry.

Slag grinding can be Vertical Roller Mill for Slag Grinding, roller press, ball

mill, vibration mill four kinds of finish grinding process, or the use of vertical mill +

mill, roller mill joint press + grinding process, where vertical mill The most common

production process for each steel company preferred. The host device is a vertical roller

mill grinding process and baghouse. Terminal Equipment slag grinding system is baghouse.

Baghouse dust has collected the finished product and environmental dual function, plays a

vital role in the grinding system.

To ensure the slag powder fineness and energy conservation needs, slag grinding system mainly

chosen Vertical Roller Mill processes. Compared with other processes, Vertical Roller Mill

for Slag Grinding process has significant energy saving, good drying effect, the advantages

of small footprint and construction investment and other provinces. In recent years, due to

the vertical mill in the area of ​​raw material grinding and coal preparation and the

continuous development of breakthrough materials science, hydraulic technology, automatic

control, and gradually overcome...
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