2007 Sample Interim Report

Topics: Qualitative research, Corporate social responsibility, Social responsibility Pages: 10 (1048 words) Published: December 4, 2014
Module Tutor:David Tucker
Word count:756(Excluding references)

1.0 Working Title3
2.0 Background Information3
3.0 Nature of Submitted Work3
4.0 Aims and Objectives3
5.0 Initial Literature Review4
6.0 Research Methodology8
7.0 Data Analysis and Presentation8
8.0 Chapter Headings9
9.0 Time Schedules10


1.0 Working Title
An analysis of the relationship between corporate social performance and corporate reputation. The case of Tesco and its child education policies.

2.0 Background information:
I chose to research in this area as I am interested in the PR area of business and the importance of reputation building to a company. I find it interesting that supermarkets are beginning to target children through their PR strategies and would like to find out their motives.

3.0 Nature of submitted work:

4.0 Aims and objectives:
AIM: To examine the impact of child education-based PR strategies carried out by British supermarkets. OBJECTIVES:
To investigate current issues surrounding PR strategies of UK supermarkets aimed towards child education. To uncover opinions of the use of child education policies from the supermarkets, the schools and the general public. To discover the extent to which Tesco’s reputation is based on its child education policies.

5.0 Initial literature review:
Text Books:
Chun, R., Vinhas Da Silva, R., Roper, S. (2002) Corporate Reputation and Competitiveness. London: Routledge. This book gives a review of how reputation is managed at the present time, how useful it can be, and information on approaches to reputation. Den Hond, F. Bakker, F. Neergoard, (2007) Managing Corporate Social Responsibility in Action: Talking, Doing and Measuring. Aldershot: Ashgate. The above text book gives lots of information on development of a CSR industry, including case studies, and comments on the commercialisation of CSR. Text books continued:

Grbich, C. (2006) Qualitative Data Analysis. Sage Publications. ‘Qualitative Data Analysis’ gives information on theories involved with evaluating qualitative data, as well as information on how to evaluate generally. De Vaus, DA. (2006) Surveys in Social Research. London: UCL Press. This text gives information on which question types are most appropriate to use in surveys and general information on evaluating survey results. Parkinson, J. (2002) Corporate Power and responsibility. Oxford: Clarendon Press. Examines models of corporate responsibility.

Morgan, D. (1997) Focus Groups as Qualitative Research. California: Sage Publications. The above provides information on using focus group interviewing as qualitative research, such as the best ways to carry it out. Girden, E. (1996) Evaluating Research Articles from Start to Finish. California: Sage Publications. From this book I will get information on how to evaluate research effectively, including models to use and research statistics methods. Websites:

Tesco plc, (2007) Corporate Responsibility. Available at: http://www.tescocorporate.com/ [Accessed 13th November 2007] This website has information on the activities carried out by Tesco in order to promote their social responsibilities. Sainsbury Plc, (2007) Our Approach to Community Investment. Available at: http://www.j-sainsbury.co.uk/files/reports/cr2007/index.asp?pageid=75 [Accessed 1st November 2007] This website provides information on Sainsbury’s ‘Active Kids’ corporate responsibility, including what they do for child education and how. Tesco Plc (2007) Tesco Computers for Schools. Available at: http://www.computersforschools.co.uk/ [Accessed 14th November 2007] The site gives relevant information on how to support child education through Tesco. Journals:

Jonah, B. (2007) Agencies will have to steer marketers towards...
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