20 Merits and Demerits of Laptops Prepared by Zeshan Amjad

Topics: Desktop computer, Personal computer, Laptop Pages: 7 (1146 words) Published: June 23, 2013

| MERITS | DEMERITS | | 1.The laptop along with references and notes is |1. because | |with you always and the internet libraries and |of its integrated design, laptop computer has | |other website have tools that help students' |limitations when it comes to upgrading, the | |format assignments and references in MLA or |common parts that can be upgraded to a | |APA formats. |laptop are harddisk and memory and these are | | |the only parts that are accessible to users. | |2.With a laptop a student can take notes in |2. Laptop computer is not easy to repair this will | |class, type up assignments, share notes, and |require a certified technical person and | |work with groups on projects. |sophisticated tools, | |3.Students can use the internet to speak to and |3. usually a laptop | |communicate with family and friends without |computer has its own application drivers that | |incurring huge phone bills. |are suitable only to its specific brand and | | |model. | |4.Laptops enable students to watch films and |4. While the performance of mainstream | |video clips as well as download music from the |desktops and laptops is comparable, laptops | |net. |are significantly more expensive than desktop | | |PCs at the same performance level | |5.Students even use laptops for creating |5. The upper | |software and designing things to earn a little |limits of performance of laptops are lower, | |pocket money. Those with writing or research |and "bleeding-edge" features usually appear | |skills can consider freelance writing. |first in desktops and only then, as the | | |underlying technology matures, are adapted | | |to laptops. | |6.There are students to launch websites while |6. Upgrade ability of laptops is very limited | |students along with friends and these ventures |compared to desktops | |become huge successes creating millionaires. | | |7.Online libraries and other websites allow |7. There is no...
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