19th century

Topics: Philippines, Philippine Revolution, José Rizal Pages: 3 (444 words) Published: January 5, 2014
19th century: period of growing consciousness, restlessness which promulgated the formation of two major movements Propaganda Movement (failed)
Revolutionary Movement (replaces the PM)

Jose Rizal
Marcelo H. Del Pilar
Lopez Jaena
Pedro Paterno
Antonio Luna
*They worked for the Philippines’ assimilation as a Spanish province and equal treatment of the Filipinos as for the Spaniards

*Writings in this period cannot be called literature except for the novels and poems of Rizal. *The writings were a big part in developing sense of nationhood among the Filipinos *Propaganda literature was centered on the writings of Rizal *He and Paterno changed the concept of “Filipino” to Spanish mestizos, Chinese mestizos, and Hispanized Indios

-Poems by Paterno in the 1880a
-Beginning of national consciousness
-Ninay – first novel (enlisted in nationality)

Diariong Tagalog
-Bulk of Filipino writings
-Spanish-Tagalog newspaper which publication signaled the open campaign for reforms

-Developed during the campaign for reforms in the last quarter of the 19th century -Provided impetus by PM

La Solidaridad
-1889 was the official mouthpiece of the Reform Movement
-Essays in this paper became P-S literature’s significant contribution to Philippine literature Su Excelencia, Senor Don Vicente Barrantes (Rizal) – humor was used as a weapon on his attack Asimilacion de Filipinas (del Pilar) – coolly, rational and dispassionate analysis of the issue of assimilation

Other imp works:
Noli Me Tangere – social conditions, defects, beliefs, hopes, desires of the Filipinos (novel of society) El Filibusterismo – exposed the evils of the govt and church for the memory of Gomburza (novel of politics)

Two phases of the Revolutionary Period:
1.Revolutions were written in Tagalog (Boni and Jacinto).
Pag-ibig sa Tinubuang Lupa and Pahimakas were Boni’s poems and he...
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