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Philippine Revolution

held prisoner in Barcelona, Rizal was ordered by General Eulogio Despujol that he would be shipped back to Manila via the transport ship Colon. On board the vessel, Rizal was told that the Madrid newspapers were full of stories about the revolution in the Philippines and were blaming him for it. News of Rizal's predicament reached his friends in Europe and Singapore. They dispatched telegrams to an English lawyer in Singapore to rescue Rizal from the Spanish steamer by means of a writ of habeas corpus...

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Philippine Revolution

of the officers, except for Andrés Bonifacio. In Naic, Bonifacio and his officers created the Naic Military Agreement, establishing a rival government to Aguinaldo's. It rejected the election at Tejeros and restored Bonifacio as the leader of the revolution. When Aguinaldo learned of the document, he ordered the arrest of Bonifacio and his soldiers. Colonel Agapito Benzon chanced upon Bonifacio in Limbon. In the subsequent battle, Bonifacio, and his brother Procopio were wounded, while their brother...

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The Philippine Revolution

The Philippine Revolution 1. The Revolution Begin=>After the discovery of the Katipunan, Bonifacio gathered his men in the hills of Balintawak. Balintawak was the first north of Manila which was then a secret meeting place of the Katipuneros. On August 26, 1896 the fiery Bonifacio stopped all the talking. He angrily tore his resident certificate ( cedula ). It was the symble of Spanish oppression of Filipinos. 2.Causes of the Revolution=>What was the Philippine Revolution of 1896? What were...

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The Heroes of the National Revolution of Philippines

Jose Rizal and the Revolution: Revisiting Renato Constantino’s “Veneration without Understanding” By Chris Antonette Piedad-Pugay When we open the pages of history books in the Philippines, it is not surprising to see texts about the martyrdom of our most celebrated hero-- Dr. Jose Rizal. In fact, it seems that his name already occupied a permanent and prominent place in every publication that has something to say about the Philippines. Truthfully, there is nothing wrong about immortalizing...

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Propaganda: Philippine Revolution and Jose Rizal

Movement were called propagandists or reformists. They worked inside and outside the Philippines. Their objectives were to seek:   ▪ Recognition of the Philippines as a province of Spain ▪ Equal status for both Filipinos and Spaniards ▪ Philippine representation in the Spanish Cortes ▪ Secularization of Philippine parishes. ▪ Recognition of human rights   The Propaganda Movement never asked for Philippine independence because its members believed that once Spain realized the pitiful state...

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Philippine Revolution and Prime Minister

Commission (Philippines) Dr. Salvador H. Laurel, Chairman (November 18, 1928 – January 27, 2004), also known as Doy Laurel, was Vice President of the Philippines from 1986 to 1992 under Corazon Aquino. Before that, he briefly served as Aquino's first (and only) Prime Minister from February 25 to March 25 of 1986. He was a foremost leader of the United Nationalist Democratic Organization (UNIDO), the political party that toppled the Marcos dictatorship and restored democracy to the Philippines during...

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The Philippines

Flag of Philippines There are three fields on the Philippine flag. The white equilateral triangle is on the hoist side, a band of blue at the top, and a band of red at the bottom. An eight rayed yellow sun at the center of the triangle. A small five pointed star is located at each corner of the triangle. General Emilio Aguinaldo, who the first President of the Philippines and a leader in the revolution against Spanish rule for Philippine, designed the Philippine flag. He did this while in exile...

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The Death of Jose Rizal (Ambeth Ocampo)

following is the article written by today’s most famous Filipino historian Ambeth R. Ocampo on Jose Rizal’s death. Simply entitled, “The Death of Jose Rizal,” this historical piece by the current head of the National Historical Institute (of the Philippines) could be deemed refreshing and controversial, as it offers several unpopular and unorthodox accounts of what (presumably) transpired on the day of Rizal’s execution. For one thing, it virtually proclaims that Rizal refused to kiss the crucifix...

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Propaganda is sending me for the monthsof January and February and I thank you for such attention.In order to avoid its increasing attentions I believe my retirement isnecessary. I will establish myself and earn my living. Mt chosen placeis either in the Philippine, Hong Kong, or Japan, because Europeseems to me a place of exile and I am hereby notifying thePropaganda of my intention so that it may make my decision.With the P50 that it send me monthly it could do something better,which is to defray the cost...

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Philippine History of Jose Rizal

A Filipino Critique of Spanish Colonialism The Spanish rule in the Philippines lasted for nearly 300 years during which time held the native population to a caste system where they had different rights than the Spanish colonist. The Spanish colonizers brought with their new government the Roman Catholic Church which was supported heavily by Spain. The conversion of the native people to Catholicism did not meet much resistance, and appealed to most of the population which lacked an organized religion...

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