1994: My Birth Year

Topics: The Walt Disney Company, Selena, The Lion King Pages: 3 (946 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Renee Marquez
Mrs. Melban
February 19, 2013

I thought my birth year was special all because of my birthday? After all these years I’ve never realized other important events that had happened on my birth year. There are so many interesting events that had happened on my birthday. It was very hard to choose from many interesting subjects such as sports, movies, and actors/actress. My decision that I chose was to do a combination and pick 3 of the most interesting subjects that happened during the year of 1994. At first I wanted to do events on my exact birthday September 23, 1994, but they did not have very interesting events so I had the choice of doing events on the year of 1994.

One major event that took place throughout the world in 1994 was when Selena Quintanilla-Perez became a worldwide pop star. She started at the age of 9; her father started the group Selena Y Los Dinos (Selena and The Guys). The group's first performance was in Papagallos, the Quintanilla family's restaurant opened in 1980. Everyone who saw her, even at that young age, knew she was going to be a star someday. Soon the restaurant fell and the Quintanilla family went bankrupt, they were out on the streets without a roof over their head. The family moved to Corpus Christi, Texas where they piled into an old bus with all their musical equipment. They played everywhere they could, on streets, at weddings... Soon all the hard work paid off. Her 1993 Live album one her a Grammy award for Best Mexican American Performance. But 1994 was her best year, that’s was when she truly became a superstar. In 1994, Selena released Amor Prohibido (Forbidden Love). An album that caused her to be the number one artist of the year of 1994, she sold over 400,000 copies.  Also in that year, Selena opened her boutique and salon, Selena Etc.; it had been her dream since she was a little girl to sell the clothing and jewelry that she loved to design.  In January of 1995, another...
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