1920s: A Progressive Decade

Topics: Ku Klux Klan, Racism, Great Depression Pages: 3 (1063 words) Published: May 2, 2013
The 1920’s a regressive era

When most people think of the 1920’s they think of a roaring and unrestricted economy, and a booming cultural golden age; however, this could not be father from the truth. Even though the economy was prosperous and the women had finally gained their suffrage, the 20’s were far from progressive. Racially blacks made little progress and white supremacists gained power, politically the government became self absorbed and corrupt, and economically while prosperous was incredibly unfair favoring the wealthy over the poor.

Women were some of the few people that profited from the 1920’s. Even though only white women profited the right vote is a vital step forward for everyone. Women were able to obtain more and better jobs and had access to birth control. They began to break free from their social boundaries that have been the standard for women for decades, discarding their corsets and restricting clothing for things that accentuated their feminine form and allowing them to express themselves and stand out as individuals. Even though some would say that women were regressive because they became more immoral and partook in illegal drinking, and also became the brunt of sexist advertisement and media propaganda, they still began to act more like men wearing more comfortable clothing smoking and drinking while not necessarily good socially, or morally provided equality between men and women. This behavior is a necessary evil in a free society, and they were acting no worse than the men of the time.

As progressive as the 20’s may have been for women the rest of the country went into a serious state of regression. The economy while powerful was only beneficial to the rich and the corrupt. The poor became poorer and the rich richer. There were almost no regulations on business and large corporations. The unregulated and incredible growth of the economy forced this country in to the greatest economic depression it has ever experienced. In...
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