14 Deming Points

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Deming 14 points

1. Create constancy of purpose towards improvement
(Volkswagen – brings loyalty to the brand, brings consumer satisfaction – consistent trust that Beatle will be here forever, not changing the design, people can expect the same design of the brand)

2. Adopt the new philosophy.
(Kaizen – continue is never ending. Agree that bring everyday a new thing to your job, constant improvement)

3. Cease dependence on inspection.
(Make it right, do not depend on inspection. Companies that don’t have inspection are doing everything well, they have control, always think positively, right. They are making minimum mistakes and they do not need inspection)

4. Move towards a single supplier for any one item.
(We should end buying the cheapest from the best supplier, but best price doesn’t give best quality. We should build long term relationship with the supplier to make trust, keeping promises)

5. Improve constantly and forever.
(Process is better than output. Need to have sustainable network of process, research, advertising…)

6.Institute training on the job.
(Training employees while doing a job. Oriflamme - they learn the more they work, they learn how to do it while trying it)

7.Institute leadership.
(There is needed for leader, take responsibility, motivate employees, must be an example for the others, have the control Bata –created a family, the employees and their families were secured with health, family, vacation but the salary was low)

8. Drive out fear.
(Bring communication, understand each other more, predict, know their thinking, predict their solutions, feel more comfortable and no fear)

9. Break down barriers between departments.
(Team building, projects with participation of different people from different departments, lay out, corporate parties)

10. Eliminate slogans.
(Eliminate posters, slogans – eliminate propaganda.
E.g.: Customer is our king)

11. Eliminate management by objectives....
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