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Which of the following is a basic principle that applies to both internal and external devices? A) when connecting a faster device to a slower port, the port adapts to the speed of the device B) if you have multiple devices to install, it’s best to install them at the same time C) for most installations, install the device first, then the device driver D) some devices don’t require a software component for them to work properly 2.

What happens when a problem occurs while Windows 7 is installing a device? A) a blue screen of death is displayed
B) the Action Center is launched
C) Event Viewer runs and an event is displayed
D) Device Manager is loaded
What icon might you see in Device Manager that indicates a problem with a device? A) blue circle
B) yellow triangle
C) red square
D) white oval
Which of the following describes USB 2.0?
A) 480 Mbps, cable length up to 5 meters
B) up to 54 Mbps, range to 50 meters
C) 1.5 Gbps, cable length up to 2 meters
D) up to 12 Mbps, cable length up to 3 meters
Which of the following is true about the USB standard and devices? A) up to 64 USB devices can be daisy chained together
B) USB uses parallel data transmissions
C) a USB cable has four wires, two for power and two for communication D) USB devices must supply their own power
Which of the following is true about the FireWire standard and devices? A) data is transferred on a parallel bus
B) 1394b allows up to 16 daisy-chained devices
C) FireWire 800 uses a 4-pin connector
D) FireWire devices are hot-swappable
Which of the following is true about installing a new device? A) a mouse may not require an additional device driver installation B) Vista drivers never work with Windows 7
C) 32-bit drivers can be installed in a 64-bit OS
D) 64-bit drivers can be installed in a 32-bit OS
What happens when a flash memory card is installed in a slot and it is recognized by Windows? A) a window appears prompting you to initialize the device
B) a drive letter is assigned to the device and you can see it in Explorer C) Windows automatically partitions and formats the device
D) the files are copied from the device to your Documents folder 9.
What should you install in a server room that will save space by allowing you to control multiple servers with a single mouse, keyboard, and monitor? A) a MIDI connector
B) a digitizer
C) biometric device
D) a KVM switch
Which type of expansion slot uses a retention mechanism to help stabilize a heavy card? A) ISA
Which of the following might be the cause of a black screen right after you install a new video card? A) no video card is detected
B) the onboard video is not disabled in BIOS
C) you installed the video card in the wrong slot
D) the video card has insufficient RAM
What do you need to do for Device Manager to display nonpresent devices? A) in Device Manager, click View, then click Nonpresent devices B) in Device Manager, click Advanced, then click All Devices C) create and set an environment variable

D) reboot the system in Safe Mode with Networking
Which type of monitor withstands a lot of handling, use mercury,  and take up the most desk space? A) cathode-ray tube
B) liquid crystal display
C) plasma monitor
D) light-emitting diode
Which monitor characteristic is the distance between adjacent dots on the screen? A) viewing angle
B) refresh rate
C) native resolution
D) pixel pitch
Which slot type would you install a video card in to get the best performance? A) AGP
D) PCI-e
Which type of video port provides a digital-only signal?
Which of the following is a requirement for supporting the Aero user interface? A) at least 128 KB video memory
B) DirectX 9 or higher
C) an HDMI video port
D) Windows XP with SP3
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