1.Discuss Innate and Acquired Immunity and How They Are Demonstrated by the Mother-Infant Relationship

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Now before the Hippa law was set our medical information could be given to anyone who asks for it. The Healthcare provider could even give information to a home lender for what purpose but to make money with .They would sell it so that they could get the extra income. There was a law if you had a previous Health problem a new insurance did not have to pick you up and cover you. Now with the law changes the new insurance has to cover you. This makes it better for people that are trying to find better insurance for their families. The HIPPA laws it has changed the way we look at our protection of our personal information for the good. It gives us the patients the right to our health information when we need it. Now on the other hand it gives the physicians the right to get our information when they need it for patient care. These laws are set for individuals private health information either electronic, oral are written information. There is a great price that they will have to pay if someone lets out your information they will be held accountable .They can face criminal or civil charges it depends on the information that they release. IT depends on what they do the fine can be from100 to 50,000 so it can be very expensive .IT could also get into jail time .So that everyone knows the laws have changed when you go into the doctor’s office are hospital there should be a Privacy Practice posted where you can see it also they will give you a paper in the hospital. So as our technology grows and computers become our second hand the HIPPA Law will help keep our medical records where they need to be and not public.

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