1.04 Golden Age

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Savannah EdwardsEdwards 1
World History Honors
21 June 2014
Golden Age; USA
A Golden Age is a time of complete happiness, when no one is worrying and everything is thriving. The USA is in this state of mind right now due to it's economic, social, medical, political, technological growth. The USA is in its Golden Age with it's artistic achievements because of the celebrity nation. Every where the people of the USA turn they see a new song or new t.v. show pop up. More and more people are becoming artists of any sort, writer, painters, and musicians. The media is a large money making industry in the USA, people are always buying the latest magazines with their favorite celebrities on it. The artistic achievements made are also very influential among the people. And by it being influential, it produces money. Celebrities advertise many things and when the people see that a celebrity uses it, they're all for it. Thus, producing money for the USA. The USA is thriving in their medical community. Whenever other countries are in need of help, the USA sends over the Red Cross to take care of everything. But, a bigger reason for the thriving medical community is the research that is conducted. A popular research taking place right now is Stem Cell Research. Stem Cells are produced in the early stages of life and they serve as a repair system. The reason the research is important is because they've found that stem cells can cure many lethal diseases. The USA serves a big part in the research. President Clinton and President Bush tried to eliminate or lower the amount of money the government funded for the research, but now that President Obama is in office, he is allowing the research to be funded 100% by the government. The research makes the USA a smart and sophisticated country. The USA is in its Golden Age economically because of how it has recovered from its depression. "It's a good sign that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a decline in unemployment levels in January 2011, dropping to 9 percent from 9.4 percent in December 2010." is written in article about how the USA is thriving economically. More and more jobs are being brought to the USA and helping the nation succeed. The USA also achieves economic greatness due to the housing market being recovered. Housing prices have raised in 80 out of the 100 metropolitan areas. By these things happening, more and more people will want to move to the USA and find jobs to live here. The USA thrives politically because of how well the person in office handles the situations America is given. President Obama has done many things well like, The Afghanistan surge. President Obama ordered 33,000 additional troops for the Iraq surge. He has also sent military aid to Israel. In 2009, the USA supplied Israel with "bunker buster bombs". The USA did do it quietly, but they still managed to help a country out in need. Barack Obama has made the USA a better place for all Americans to live. The Social Development of the USA lies with the Inter-American Committee on Social Development. "The main objective of the CIDES is to strengthen and reinforce Inter-American dialogue in order to support the creation of policies and develop cooperation activities in the area of social development, especially focusing on the fight against poverty and discrimination in the hemisphere." With this organization trying to help two bad things in the USA, it shows a clear improvement within the nation. Poverty is a big concern to the USA and there are many organizations to try and end it, and by having CIDES trying to end it too, gives a lot of help to the USA.

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