“Take the F” by Ian Frazier

Topics: New York City, Talk radio / Pages: 2 (474 words) / Published: Sep 25th, 2013
“Take the F” by Ian Frazier In the essay "Take the F" by Ian Frazier he writes about the experiences he had living in Brooklyn. He talks about a lot of topics such as city life, diversity, travel. He shares his moments while he was in Brooklyn. In the essay he talks about the people he was surrounded by, the things he did and places he went. He talks his experience of moving into a different place. According to him, in his time, people used to describe their place according to the subway line near them. He describes a lot about the F train, which he often rode in and out of Manhattan. He described the diversity of people in New York City which he sees everyday on the train. One thing that I liked in the essay is the similar experience that I and Ian Frazier had. .I can relate to this because I myself take the F train and I see many people going different places. Coming in and out of the F train and get the similar feeling that Ian Frazier did in his experience. One more thing that I liked about the essay is the clear description of moments he had in the train. He described about person, building, streets and many more and they are full of imagery. Also about the wide ethnic mix. Even things that wasn’t very pleasing. He talks about violence too. He tells about seeing a woman pull a knife. Then goes on to talk about women who talked about slapping someone silly and putting them into the hospital. He also mentions how he moved to a four-story building week before their daughter was born. Who is now six. He also talks about her judgment of pizza. He mentions the church of the generals and fort Hamilton. He also loved to walk in the nearby botanical garden. He also keeps track of his building and the bigger events in the

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