Курс Лекций И Планы Семинарских Занятий По Лексикологии Английского Языка

Topics: Word, Compound, Word formation Pages: 75 (24431 words) Published: January 20, 2013


Курс лекций и планы семинарских занятий по лексикологии английского языка (для студентов третьего курса)

Cocтавитель : Э. М. Дубенец, к.ф.н., доц.

This course of lexicology which forms a part of the curriculum for the English sections of linguistic departments of teacher-training colleges is intended for students of the third year of the day department. It includes 15 lectures and 12 seminars which cover the main themes of Modern English lexicology: wordbuilding, semantic changes, phraseology, borrowings, semasiology, neology, lexicography. The material for seminars includes topics to be discussed, test questions and lexical units to be analized. Lexical units for the analysis were chosen mainly among neologisms. There is also a brief list of recommended literature. The aim of the course is to teach students to be word-conscious, to be able to guess the meaning of words they come across from the meanings of morphemes, to be able to recognize the origin of this or that lexical unit.


Introduction Language units Wordbuilding Affixation Compound words Conversion Substantivization «Stone wall» combinations Abbreviations Seconadary ways of wordbuilding Semantic changes Specialization Generalization Metaphor and metonymy Phraseology Ways of forming phraseological units Semantic classification of phraseological units Structural classification of phraseological units Syntactical classification of phraseological units Borrowings Classification of borrowings according to the borrowed aspect Classification of borrowings according to the degree of assimilation
Classification of borrowings according to the language from which they were borrowed. Romanic borrowings/ Latin, French, Italian, Spanish/. Germanic borrowings /Scandinavian, German, Holland/ . Russian borrowings. Etymological doublets. Semaciology. Word - meaning.

Lexical meaning - notion. Polysemy. Homonyms. Synonyms ....
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