Death of a Salesman


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1. What sport did Biff play in high school?

a. Basketball

b. Football

c. Baseball

d. Hockey

2. Who was the salesman who inspired Willy?

a. Howard

b. Charley

c. Dave

d. Bernard

3. How did Willy’s brother Ben make his fortune?

a. Diamonds in Africa

b. A ranch in Texas

c. Forestland in Alaska

d. As a salesman

4. What product did Willy’s father make and sell?

a. Clothing

b. Pots and pans

c. Books

d. Flutes

5. What gift did Willy give The Woman?

a. Stockings

b. Diamond earrings

c. A book

d. Chocolates

6. What does Happy do for a living?

a. He is a salesman

b. He is an assistant to an assistant

c. He is a pimp

d. He owns his own business

7. Why is Biff unable to keep a job?

a. His math skills are too poor

b. He sleeps with his bosses’ girlfriends

c. He steals

d. He quits for no reason

8. What does Willy ask the waiter when he leaves the restaurant?

a. To call him a cab

b. Where he can buy seeds

c. To get him another drink

d. For Ms. Forsyth’s number

9. Why does Willy borrow money from Charley right before he kills himself?

a. To pay his mortgage

b. To give Biff some cash

c. To leave Linda with some spending money

d. To pay his insurance premium

10. How does Biff know Bill Oliver?

a. He worked for him when he was a kid

b. Bill was Biff’s football coach

c. He dated Bill’s daughter

d. He works for him now

11. What physical prop is evidence of...

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