Death of a Salesman


Act 2: Scene 6 to 10

Act II: Scene 6

Bernard leaves and Charley enters the office. Already resentful of hearing about Bernard’s success, Willy grows more distressed when Charley tells him that Bernard gets to argue a case in front of the Supreme Court. Willy then asks Charley for a loan. Charley gives him $50, but Willy says that he needs more money. He specifically mentions needing to pay for insurance, a detail that becomes critical later in the play. Charley tries to get Willy to work for him. He has previously extended a job offers to Willy, but Willy has always refused. This time is no exception, and Willy again declines his offer. Charley gets upset that Willy will not take a job from him but keeps coming to him for money. He eventually lends Willy the money, though it is clear that both men understand that Willy will not be paying him back. Willy tells him about being fired, which prompts Charley to try to convince him to take a job with Charley. Willy is already beginning to plan his suicide and even remarks that someone is worth more dead than alive. However, the audience sees that Charley is more than willing to give Willy a job; he is not without options.

Act II: Scene 7

The next scene occurs in a restaurant. The boys have planned to meet their father for dinner. Happy is talking to the waiter, Stanley, and flirting with Miss Forsythe, a woman seated at a table near his. Happy talks about some of his sexual exploits, revealing...

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