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Topics: Printing press, Johannes Gutenberg, Printing Pages: 2 (596 words) Published: November 26, 2013
Robby Helbringer
AP World 2

Technology plays a huge role in society in the present world, and it’s gotten this way through everything that has been invented with things such as the printing press or gunpowder. They bring very big changes to the way people live their lives in the world, and makes it easier to live. Both the printing press and gunpowder were huge steps in the world of technology.

In Europe during the medieval times, everything had to be written by hand without a choice of being able to type. At this time of struggle, Johannes Gutenberg was the person who developed the Printing Press in Europe, which had a huge impact on society and the way people could do things differently. There was a ton of interest in it because people found it to be so neat and it became widely used through Europe, and it even spread farther than that until it became international. For example, making and writing a book would take much less time, because it had to be done by hand before the invention of the printing press. This would also decrease the amount of the money for the books because of how popular they would become. From this, there were also less illiterate people because there were more people who learned how to read because of the printing press and how much easier it was to make books for people to buy because it could be printed over and over. This also had a great cause on religious influences, because people were able to print out books such as the Bible or other belief books. This worked very well for the Protestants and other Christian belief systems because they were able to use the printing press to get their ideas out there to the people who were interested. The Chinese, the Song Dynasty to be exact, in the 11th century, invented gunpowder, which was another huge step for inventors, and also the development of war. It was used for both guns and cannons, and the gunpowder made both of them work much more effectively than the weapons that...
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