How Did The Renaissance Influence English Translations Of The Bible

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The Renaissance had an influence on English translations of the Bible. The definition of the Renaissance is: 1. The humanistic revival of classical art, architecture, literature, and learning that originated in Italy in the 14th century and later spread throughout Europe. 2. The period of this revival, roughly the 14th through the 16th century, marking the transition from medieval to modern times. The effects that it had on learning helped make a way for English translations of the Bible because people began to have a desire to learn to read. Before this time, most all books, including the Bible, were written in either Latin or Greek, therefore the common people couldn't read them. Also, the very few books that were in English were handwritten and very costly so they were inaccessible to the common man. In 1475, the introduction of movable type brought in this new era. Now books could be printed and were not as costly. This brought about more books being translated and written in English. There was now a new emphasis on education and the availability of books had grown tremendously. Soon, more and more people were getting an education. Now, most of the people, including the common man, were become literate rather then illiterate. Education began to blossom into a necessity that would change the world for the better. …show more content…
The Reformation continued the influence that the Renaissance had on learning and education, but the Reformation also had an influence on religion, which brought about the actual translating of the Bible in English. The definition of the Reformation is: 1. the 16th century schism within Western Christianity initiated by Martin Luther, John Calvin, and others, with which were associated. 2. series of events in 16th century England by which the church in England broke away from the authority of the Pope and the Roman Catholic

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