Working with Database Design

Topics: SQL, Database management system, Relational model Pages: 7 (2266 words) Published: August 11, 2013
Phase Three Discussion Board Three

Working with Existing Data Management Systems

COPYWRITE (2013) BY Robert Ortega

MIS405 – 1302A -01: Database Design

Instructor: Anita Arceneaux, PhD

Wednesday, May 8, 2013; Sunday May 12, 2013

Colorado Technical University

Virtual Campus

Three other Requirements for Database
Various other aspects and needed requirements are to be introduced and implemented into Jim and Tim’s new ACCESS™2010® Relational Database Management Systems from concepts, theories, analysis, import/export, referential integrity, primary/foreign/ non keys, data-modeling, and normalization. Needs to assure value, structure, relationship, and integrity are implemented in the relational database management systems (RDBMS) for the explicit users ability to flawless query information/data which allows by logical authentication to request, add, modify, and view correct, understandable intellectual organizational RDBS while using the export and import functions of ACCESS™2010®, EXCEL 2010, and MS SQL SERVER. One issue with almost all software (any type) is because humans write the code for software and on the other hand other humans reverse engineer written software finding weakness, and design script or bot code, which will become a threat agent in a form of a Trojan-horse, viruses, Dos, DDoS, and other forms of illegal hacking to steal intellectual data. A suggestion is using a specific tool called CAPTCHA “(Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans apart),” also known as “Gausebeck-Levchin Test.” This is to create anti-fraud detection, which prevents a script or a bot from being able to complete authentication. Although, this tool used in Pay-Pal transactions, its use for on-line of other types of internet web transactions to assure a live human interaction. This tool implementation into the accounting section between customers to RoboBoys and even between Jim, Tim, and vendors, which helps prevent the criminal element from infiltrating the RDBMS. Let’s Do It

Another thought is since Jim and Tim will be using ACCESS™ and EXCEL, and linking functions, there is the networking to consider to all these functions together for the importing/exporting intellectual values of data. Using the internet for vendor connection and since most clients/customers/consumers today, have either a home computer, laptop, netbook, PDA’s, I-Pad and I-Phone, tablets, and other type of cell phone devices, let us look at building a web page. To use a web page will turn the business globally, allowing customers to view, order, request type of Robo product desired, request color, options etc., and pay on-line. This is where the internet and Pay-Pal will play an important role in the functions and expansion of value for Jim and Tim’s RoboBoys organizations strategic plans and mission objectives for exclusive value. This relation is input data from a web page linked by sharing the view in a virtual table, by the customer, employee, and vendors. Behind the web page the data shared to the use to order product, when entered into web page browser will insert data into ACCESS™ or another compatible RDBMS, which will supply data for the table and move to its perspective primary or foreign key location on its table’s tuples/attribute locale. During a process an implemented Data Integrity’s accomplish with a validation table of data imported into ACCESS™ or EXCEL, and as the vendor will become aware, from the exported data from ACCESS™ request of parts and/or components to build products. There will be some actions, which require concatenated text values, which will require mathematical expressions. As stated by Hernandez, (©2003) Ch. 12, pg. 447, “Your specific RDBMS program can determine whether you refer this object as a query or view,” from ACCESS™. Now previously is mention of one-to-one table relation, and a one-to-many table relation, with a many-to-many table relation will give the opportunity to...
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