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Nowadays, the technology had make things for entertain the people and for motivate the imagination. Should the video games be a new form to teach? I strongly believe that video games aren’t just for entertain, I think that they are make it for inspirit new things, for imagine in the future or in the past; and check what we did and what would do for be better. Also be with the family and the friends. In the first place, video games reduce the stress in the people. The workers and students play for release their tension and for feel well. I agree with the idea that “video games make you forget”. For example, when a child has exams and is too impatient, he plays for be calm. Secondly, play video games is one way for spend time when you are boring and have nothing to do. Video games make the time go faster and produce shorten the waiting. In addition to this, video games allow the family unification, because the parents and the sons can spend time together, talking without a formality and sharing their opinions and feelings. Can be play it by anyone without import their age, Furthermore, the video games teach about different situations in the real life, how to act, and strategies acts for play table game, for example chess. It appears to me that they allow us to interact with the things that we would never imagine and also experience new forms and styles. Also they stimulate the player’s ability in their neuro-kinetic, visual reflexes and focus in multiple viewpoints. On the other hand, they produce addiction when the time play isn’t controlled, and the person wants to play more, been unsocial and not distinguishing between the reality and the fiction. I completely agree with the idea that video games aren’t an obsolete thing, but I strongly disagree with the persons that wants to live in the game, live it in the life. Video games produce an emotions lost, creating insensible persons, with a lack of conscience in many aspects. Video games, aren’t too...
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