Does the internet make you dumber?

Topics: Video game, Game, Educational game Pages: 3 (1044 words) Published: November 22, 2013
Describe various ways in which video games can be beneficial in society. How video can video games improve our society?
Did you ever have a problem with your parents because of playing video games? Did you feel bad because they don’t understand the way you are thinking? That remind me of what happened to me last weekend, I was playing a video games after I finished my tasks which make my parents saying “Could you stop play this games like a kid and use your free time in something helpful? And they never tried playing video games. There are a lot of studies, which prove that most parents are against video games. In fact, video games benefits is a topic that can generate many different benefits, This essay will show how video games can help society in three main fields; workforce (business), education and healthcare. Most of the video games gradually increasing play a role in business field, and they are engaging both customers and employees .Video Games used to achieve a business result and using video games a perfect way to create customer engagement or employee participation. In thinking about the different types of games that companies are using. The first is a virtual environment that simulates the real work atmosphere is ‘Marriot International Hotel’, which is brand awareness and educational tool that gives people a behind the scenes look at what it takes to run a hotel and help recruit new employees for its expanding global network of hotel locations. The second game type that companies creating game zones and it’s called POPCAP games, which used to appeal to potential job candidates and where employees can relax and dismiss stress. According a study by the Entertainment Software Association shows that preparation employees by video games is a better, cheaper and more active method for private and public businesses, as well as providing a more engaging knowledge and experience for the employees. [1] For instance, Canon U.S.A uses video...

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