US History Early Colonization

Topics: Thirteen Colonies, Slavery, Colonialism Pages: 6 (1935 words) Published: October 8, 2013
Unit 1: Test Quick Review

Below is a quick review guide for the upcoming unit test. This review guide is intended to provide an overview of general topics that may be on the test. However, all items below may not appear on your version of the test. At the same time, certain items on the test may not be directly mentioned the review guide. It is intended for review only, the class readings and materials also need to be consulted.

Introduction to History PowerPoint:
Be able to define Primary and Secondary sources, as well as understand the strengths and weaknesses of each. Primary Sources- a fundamental or original document relating to a particular subject, experiment, time period or event. First hand record of an event. Strengths: perspective, graphic and can tell us about the social and economic conditions Weaknesses: bias, difficult to interpret and limited perspective Secondary Sources- scholar’s description or analysis of a primary source Strengths: easy to obtain, contain many perspectives from different sources, less bias Weakness: do not give full experience, too much information Be able to define Origin, Purpose, Value, and Limitation (OPVL) and apply them to a historic document. Origin- who, what, when, where, context

Purpose- author’s intent
Value- answers the question, info provided
Limitations- what is does not address
Be able to define the 5 Themes of Geography (Location, Place, Region, Human/ Environmental Interaction, and Movement) apply them to colonial history. Location- where a place is
Latitude and Longitude. It describes the location of a Spanish colony, San Miguel de Gualdape to the English colony of Jamestown which was further north of the Spanish colony. Place- description of the region based on physical features

Natural and Manmade features. The rich and fertile soil in the south led to the increase in agriculture. The rocky soil and thick forests led to the development of shipping and commerce in the northern colonies. Region- various types of divisions in the world

Formal regions, functional regions and vernacular regions. Regions can be divided up like the Southern, Middle and New England colonies. Human/Environmental Interaction- how humans change the environment and how the environment changes it back Indians used the slash and burn method which meant burning forests to improve the soil’s fertility. Movement- the passage, people, goods and knowledge take

Trade like the triangular trade which occurred between the Americas, Europe and Africa

Colonial Reading/ Pages 14 to 33 Pathways Text Book:
Be able to define early Spanish conquistadors and major conquests in the new world Ferdinand Magellan- circumnavigated the entire earth
Hernan Cortes- conquered the vast empire of the Aztecs
Francisco Pizarro- conquered the empire of the Incas
Be able to understand the impact of early Spanish Colonization and the systems of labor used Impacted Spain by making them wealthy through mining silver and gold Forced Native Americans as labor systems and in return ensured them safety and wellbeing- encomienda system Be able to describe the role of missionaries in the new world Missionaries- sent to the New World to convert as many people as they could to their religion Be able to discuss early English explorers and their role in establishing colonies John Cabot- first Englishman to sail across the Atlantic

Sir Martin Frobisher- searched for the Northwest Passage
Henry Hudson- discovered present day Hudson Bay
Sir Francis Drake- first sea captain to sail his own ship around the globe Be able to define charter, royal charter, proprietary charters and how they relate to the early British Colonies. Charter- all about making money

Royal charter- under the direct reign of the crown
Proprietary- one or more private land owners retain rights that are normally the privilege of the state Be able to describe the hardships faced in the Jamestown colonies and how those hardships were...
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