Unit 6 Assignment 2- Welcome to Network Protocols

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Welcome to Network Protocols

Kaplan University

True or False: Remote Desktop relies on SLIP.

True or False: Broadband cable relies on the PSTN for transmission medium.

The 802.11 standard specifies a frame type at the MAC sub layer.

GEOSYNCHRONOUS orbiting satellites are the type used by the most popular satellite Internet access service providers.

The WIRELESS SPECTRUM is a continuum of the electromagnetic waves used for data and voice communication.

2. For the client situation described in Discussion Topic 1, use Microsoft Visio 2007 to generate a diagram for a proposed network design. Write a 1-2 page proposal for the research group explaining why that design would best meet their needs.

For this question I would have to go with the WLAN Star topology, the main reason for using the WLAN is for your wireless users to be able to connect to the network via an access point. Other reasons for using a WLAN, you would be able to have the ability to have the pc’s connected via CAT 5 still connect to the network. Security is a big issue for your company, the purpose of that would use the WPA, IDS/IPS, proxy servers, packet filtering firewalls that are locked a room like we have in Amazon, it’s a secure badge and pin combination room called out MDF room that is always cool with 2 cooling systems in there it have limited access to only IT personal. With the following security measure and the knowledge I have obtained up this point in these current and previous classes and working for Amazon, this would be a great way to have a fully secured network. With having WPA it will provide a strong data that will allow only authorized users to be able to access the wireless network. Like in the Visio diagram, the IDS/IPS with both enable the network to find anyone that tries to log into the network and allow to quarantine any hackers, like at Amazon we have the software Tanium to cover that. With having the firewalls and packet filters will examine the...
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