Unilever Case Study

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Engagement with suppliers


Suppliers are crucial to reaching
sustainable procurement goals and
objectives. In this regard, M&S is what
BS 8903 calls a ‘Pioneer’ – that is to say,
a high influence buyer with sufficient
buying power to engage with suppliers
and bring about sustainability improvements.
In turn, M&S recognizes its opportunities
in the supply chain and works with its
suppliers so that they share responsibility
for sustainability. Suppliers are expected
to answer questions that specifically relate
to sustainability issues - M&S will only
do business with suppliers that meet
its sustainability criteria and who are
prepared to work with it to improve
their sustainability performance.
All suppliers are invited to join the Plan A
Supplier Exchange, a website to share best
practice and knowledge across a wide
variety of topics. In addition, key suppliers
are invited to attend the company’s annual
Plan A conference which is attended by
over 1,200 suppliers.

BS 8903 has provided a really useful
framework that has helped M&S develop
its own specific approach to sustainable
procurement. M&S has taken and adapted
those elements of the guide that meet the
goals and objectives of M&S and which
complement M&S’s existing and significant
programme of related activity which is
encompassed by Plan A. According to
Tim Brennan: “BS 8903 provides
comprehensive information relating to
sustainability, that is easily accessible and
straightforward to interpret and use.”

BSI Case Study Marks & Spencer

BS 8903 Sustainable Procurement


BS 8903 Sustainable Procurement

© BSI Group

BSI Case Study Marks & Spencer

“BS 8903 has been invaluable
as a reference in developing
our sustainable procurement
Roger Davies, M&S Group Head
of Procurement

How the Marks & Spencer Procurement team has used BS 8903 to embed sustainable procurement within its team and ways of working...
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