Case Study for Aldi

Topics: Strategic management, Logic, Scientific method Pages: 1 (250 words) Published: March 25, 2011
analyses, and internal environment analysis (30%)
Critically evaluate the case using the principles drawn from Chapters 1-3 in the text to do the following analysis.

As a member of the project team, you may consider to undertake the following analyses and activities •Macro-environment analysis
Industry analysis – Porter’s Five-Forces Model and the concept of strategic groups; •Internal analyses – Organisation’s strategic capability analysis; Value chain analysis

This can be either an individual or a group (of up to 3 students) assignment. However, each group member is required to submit a group activity journal, recording the input from each individual for the assignment, with the report. Submit a hard copy of this report in class in Week 7 and email the lecturer an electronic copy by the class date of Week 7.

Your must:
1. write an executive report of approximately 2,500 words (including an executive summary of 250 words, excluding any appendices). This restriction means that you must be strategic in the manner in which you conduct the analysis and identify the business strategy. 2. provide an introduction outlining how you are going to conduct the case study; 3. use appropriate analytical techniques to conduct all strategic analyses as required; 4. draw key conclusions based on the outcome o your analyses; and 5. use the literature, where appropriate, to support your argument [use referencing protocols]

Learning outcomes and graduate attributes
Completing this assignment will help you achieve the following learning outcomes and ECU graduate attributes:
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